The Team

Chris TempelDirector and Speaker

Chris has been making films since he could draw flip books.  At age ten, he was given his first video camera and in high school he took a video production class that introduced him to the basics of digital video and editing.  After school, Chris produced much freelance content as well as completed over 40 short films.  At the age of 22, he shot his first feature film, a slasher flick called “Wulf”.  After God grabbed hold of his heart, Chris answered the call to create controversial Christian films about Biblical Truth, earning him the title, “The Bad Boy of Christian Filmmaking”.  He has since completed the first two films of the “Leap Trilogy” and is excited to complete the third part very soon.  He is experienced in all areas of production and is known for pushing the limits of current technology.  Chris is also the speaker for STARS Pictures, giving messages about the topics presented in the films and the Hollywood industry.  When not making movies, Chris can be found practicing parkour and backpacking with his dog, Keyper.

Chris is available for interviews by media, as well as special lectures.
Please use our Contact Form for more information.


Kimberly CruzExecutive Producer

Kimberly Cruz was born in Chicago, IL but mostly raised in Southern Ohio of Puertorrican heritage. Though extremely shy and quiet, she loved to play different roles with her sister and the neighbor kids. She always carried around the family tape recorder to record their playtime.  Kimberly has always had an interest in the arts and in 2010 she met director/producer, Chris Tempel who cast her for the roles of news anchor and CIA Tech in the feature film, “Leap: Rise of the Beast”. Her hard work and willing involvement in the film earned her a position as Executive Producer for STARS Pictures. Kimberly has been working with Chris since then to produce the third installment of the Leap trilogy, “Leap: Revelation” as well as the Christian supernatural thriller, “Derek”. When not working on editing and production, Kimberly spends her time preparing for her pursuit of a B.A. in Psychology at Indiana University South Bend this fall (2013); as well as finalizing her plans to open a rescue ranch for horses and children utilizing horses as equine counselors for troubled youth.


Alexander J. BondsProducer/Actor


Twinkle AdamsPR & Marketing Manager

Twinkle loves talking, especially about things dear to her heart, like Bible Truth and the thrilling realm of Christian filmmaking. As a Child, she enjoyed manning the many variations of the “Lemonade Stand” she and her Sisters started in front of their house, trying to sell anything from Wildflower Bouquets and Boulder Seeds. Her whole life, Twinkle’s Dad had encouraged her to see things from as many angles as possible, this was truest with movies. They enjoyed many hours of “behind the scenes” footage together and at age 14 Twinkle wrote her first feature length script by hand, on notebook paper. She has since come to own a laptop computer, screenwriting software, written 2 more feature scripts and become friends with many talented filmmakers. Twinkle has been told she “has a way with words” and puts this God-given talent to good use helping Friends/Family with resumes, cover letters, advertisements and most recently, in helping spread the word about the exciting projects coming soon from STARS Pictures. Twinkle is also looking forward to soon directing her first feature, “Run”.  She is super excited to be a  part of this bold ministry in proclaiming the good news; Jesus is coming soon!

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