Since 2009, we have produced controversial feature films dealing with the tough Bible topics.  The STARS Pictures feature lineup, both current and future, includes:

LEAP (2010)

Parkour. The art of A to B. But for a group of Christian traceurs, A to B is more than across campus. Shane Turner, an athlete in the art of pk, decides to teach a group of students, who in turn lead him to Christ. Through studying scripture, the group comes to the startling revelation that they are living on the brink of prophecy. Their faith will be tested and relationships strained as the Leap crew fights to spread the truth.

Release Date: January 25, 2010


In the near future, the world leaders have given up their power to Vatican City. While most rejoice at the thought of world peace and religious tolerance, Shane Turner and his Leap Crew aren’t buying into it. It’s not long before they identify the papal power as the Beast of Revelation and speak out against it. In response, the Vatican sets out to hunt down the Leap Crew. The end has begun.

Release Date: May 15, 2011

To download the Study Guide for the film, click here


In Pre-Production

We are currently raising funds to produce this film.  Watch our video below, and if you’d like to donate to this project, you can do so here


The fifth film from STARS Pictures, Run introduces first time director, Twinkle Adams.

Keena finds herself mentoring Sully, a teenager failing Math and discovers he is experiencing the same kind of abuse she endured as a child. Now, with the aid of a childhood friend, she must help Sully escape before the abuser kills them both.

3 comments on “Films

    • I am now a Seventh Day Adventist. Watch the first 8 minutes of “The Blueprint: Earth’s Final Movie” to see how I transitioned from a typical Sunday Christian to a Sabbath keeper.

  1. Love the story in Leap Rise of the Beast but please, please, please at least get better acting [if you’re working with volunteers, then keep retaking the scenes until it comes out smooth] for the next film. If the actor isn’t immersed in character it seriously damages a film’s ability to immerse the viewer to deliver its message.

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