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  1. We just watched LEAP:Rise of the Beast and every episode of Surviving the Wild. We love the work. We are not SDA, but are Christians that do have an allegiance to God’s LAws over man’s relgious/governemental system.

    Something that hit me like a sledgehammer… The time comes when they will hunt you down thinking they are doing the will of God. The true believers will be hunted by those who think they are doing the will of God. Who wants to do the will of God? People that claim to be Christians.

    I look forward to seeing more StW. Perhaps some urban survival skills? Something people could use after the true believers can no longer buy and sell. Making tools from trash. Etc. Bible believing survival and preparedness teachers seem to be kinda rare these days sadly.

    The landscape from StW made me wish I was back in Montana. I delivered my second child in a cabin between Lincoln and Wolf Creek, MT back in 2003. 14 years later.. We are a family with ten kids and a plan to head to the northwoods as soon as we possibly can, but no later than 3 years. God willing that is.

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