6 comments on “Production Journal

  1. Great. My family and I are waiting patiently. Praying for you and your ministry. People need to know the truth. Try to make it according to the Bible. Sola scriptura. JEHOVAH bless.

  2. Just watched Leap 2 rise of the beast. Great job. Spent the past 15 minutes searching the web for Leap 3 and came across this blog. Hope an pray the best for you, God bless.

  3. Hope your funding to do this movie come soon been waiting for it for 4 years. I know money will be soon. Hadn’t seen this movie in 4 years and it popped into my mind the other day. and as I was watching random Christian movies on YouTube this move out of nowhere started playing. “leap 2 rise of the Beast” then I looked it up again. and I felt that God put it on my heart to write this comment. God bless!

  4. I very much enjoyed the previous Leap and pray a new one comes out or the Lord returns. The last post you wrote is 3 yrs old. I just wanted you to know someone still cares.

  5. I need to see leap revelation!!! praying&asking GOD to provide for u for this movie;nothing is impossible when GOD is on your side. my thoughts&prayers are with you.GOD is gonna make a way for u to get this movie done! the LORD told me to tell you to fast,pray&wait upon him&he will reward you.GOD BLESS

  6. I’m a Catholic sympathiser, but in the hope that your films as a whole may exet a good influence, here goes:
    1. Possibly you’re being too ambitious and should aim for a low budget film which should have a much better chance of being completed, and escaping “develpoment hell” much sooner.
    2. I suspect that the religious body that may fancy itself as a sidekick of an “antichrist” will be, not the Catholic church, but an amalgam of quasi-christian bodies including the “liberal catholic church” which retains Catholic ceremonial with beliefs like reincarnation, and ideological liberalism. Outwardly it may look “catholic” but be inwardly something much more likely to be a “useful idiot” for an “antichrist” dictator. The latter, I believe, may well be a genius gone bad. But he may well in any case be a genius at manipulating people and gaining power by flattery (Dan 11:32). Populist leaders good at appealing to the “basket of deplorables” could be a sort of “type” of this sort of figure.
    3. For an example of the Catholic church’s response to an “antichrist”, have a look at Robert Hugh Benson’s apocalyptic novel Lord of the World.

    Finally, good luck rescuing your film from development hell n may Heaven have mercy on you at the end!

    PS. In general, you may find it profitable to read Charles Farah’s From the Pinnacle of the Temple, about distinguishing faith from presumption. Films like Promised a miracle starring Judge Reinhold and Fall from grace with Kevin Spacey illustrate what happens when this goes wrong.
    You may also find it useful to find out about what Guadeloupe, Lourdes, and Fatima mean to Catholics and why, should you feel that Heaven is giving you such an interest.

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