7 comments on “First Project in CS6

    • AE is just effects. You’ll still need an editor like PP or Vegas. What are your specs? I developed a workflow that allowed me to shoot a feature on a DSLR and cut it on my ten year old desktop. I’d be happy to share it with you

      • Right now I use a smartphone’s HD camera and a samsung point-and-shoot digital camera. it’s for educational purpose only so I wouldn’t spend on buying a camera. As for specs, my laptop is a core i3 with intel integrated HD graphics and 2 GB ram. Desktop is a dual core intel with onboard graphics (not really useful) and 2 GB ram.

        As I want to learn both, I’ll need expert advice as to which one I should learn first. Simple editing on PP and then effects or vice versa?

    • I saw the video twice but still a little too hard for me to understand. Maybe a write up will help me and other noobs understand what’s really going on there. 🙂

      Like why we dropped the quality and why we brought that back in AE. :/ I’m still in confusion.

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