11 comments on “Adobe Production Premium CS6

  1. I’m still a school-going boy thinking of becoming a director-video editor someday. As you’d guess, I don’t have a high config PC and I hated the fact that Adobe PP required 64 bit PC starting from CS5. So I started off with Vegas Pro. I know if I plan to make a career on it, PP is my go-to. But I also hate the fact that it requires a harder and more powerful rig to get a good job out of CS6.

    So confused. 😦

    • It really doesn’t need that much though. I have a $400 laptop from Best Buy and it runs just fine. Actually, CS6 runs better than CS5 or 5.5. But yes, if you’re 32 bit, I’d say Vegas and AE CS4 is the way go. You can use EDLs so you don’t have to render. Did that on my last feature.

      • It stands for Edit Decision List. In Vegas you just go File, Save As and chose EDL as the file type. I can send you a script for After Effects that will then open your Vegas EDL file in After Effects, cut for cut, just like exporting from Premiere. No rendering needed 🙂

      • Whoa! That’d be awesome! Though I’m still not sure where to start. I know a bit of Vegas Pro but thinking of future shouldn’t I probably start from PP (for which, I’m naturally afraid)?

      • Really depends on what your system can handle. The offline/online workflow in that video I sent can be modified to work with Vegas too. Honestly, yes, the industry is moving to PP, but it depends what type of filmmaker you want to be. If you want to remain independent and start your own studio/company, then use what you like the best. If you’re goal is to work for Hollywood, I’d go PP.

      • Sure I want to be an independent but based on my financial condition I’ll have to work for some studio first. 😦 So PP is probably gonna be my choice, right?

      • If that’s the route you want to go, then yes. I’d say forget the studio and just make movies. Do a bunch of shorts. Then try a low budget feature. My first feature was $600, the second was $200 and my most recent (HD, shown in a theater, and quite good) was $2000. All I’ve ever paid for so far is food, props, and a little gas. Everyone else has worked for the experience because the love the project. Now I’m starting a studio using the last film as a calling card to show what I can do. So you technically don’t need studios

      • The last one was self financed by my actor and I. He put up a few hundred toward the camera, I kicked in another few hundred and we bought the 550D. The rest of it was just purchased on a as we needed it basis. I was unemployed and just doing some freelance video gigs when we needed the money. We just broke even with DVD sales.

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